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MSR's essential studio kit

“This bit of kit really revolutionised how I work. I have been using laptops as my computer of choice for many years, but always found that running loads of plug-ins would seriously affect the performance of my computer. It was hard to do full mixes on my set-up until I invested in UAD’s DSP Accelerator. In basic terms, it is like a standalone computer that provides the power and grunt to run some pretty amazing plug-ins, the type of stuff that you would find in professional studios all over the world.

“The quality of the plug-ins available are amazing and really do transform how your mixes sound. I used this recently on a mix I did for a new band called Reykjavik Kids. I did the mix-down on the road whilst touring, then finished it off in my studio once I got back to London. The result was just incredible — every time I use the UAD, it still blows me away.

“It means that I have the ability to move my studio around without the hassle of having to lug about a big rig. It’s a real portable studio with the power of a professional project studio. This is great for doing collaborations — I can take my set-up over to Berlin, work with another producer and have all the power of my studio available at my fingertips. My set-up is a MacBook Pro and Apogee Duet2 soundcard with the UAD2, simple as that, but I tell you, this is one powerful, cool-sounding rig.”