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The Cause have announced plans for a new room at the London venue

The Theatre was due to open on Easter Sunday

The Cause have announced plans for a new room at the London club.
The community-driven Tottenham nightclub opened its doors in 2018, and is a completely grassroots arts and events space aimed at filling the void left by London's club closures in recent years while supporting positive mental health.
After fighting closure multiple times and ensuring the longevity of the vital DIY venue through fundraising and events, The Cause have now announced the addition of a 5,000 sq ft warehouse space to the club.
Whilst currently in an unfinished state, the new room tentatively named ‘The Theatre’ will be spread across the floors in one of The Cause’s connecting warehouses. There will also be the addition of a new front terrace space, and the  expansion will provide more room to adhere to social distancing guidelines following the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We were set to unveil this space on Easter Thursday with a ridiculous unannounced back to back from two Chicago OG’s," The Cause co-founder, Stuart Glen, said in a statement. "There really would have been no club like it in the country. COVID has shattered our dreams and we have been close to abandoning this expansion due to financial constraints. We are now in a catch 22; we either give this back to our landlord, spending money to reinstate changes or we plow on, fundraise a little further and finish what we have started. Double or quits really, but we have faith in our community to make this happen!“
You can buy The Theatre launch party tickets here, with proceeds going towards The Cause's fundraiser target of £35k to complete the expansion works.