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Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1 hosts new TV documentary series

Electronic music has never been so central within our society as it is today. In a new Channel 4 series starting this Wednesday (June 25th), BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac will be representing the crux of what makes dance music so important in our present culture.

Along with JJ Stereo and the backing of Channel 4 and Ford, Annie Mac will be unearthing the cultural phenomenon that is the superstar DJ, presenting six half-hour episodes following the story and lifestyles of some of the most prolific and pivotal DJs of our times.

With each week focusing on a DJ from a varied background in dance music, the show will follow Tiesto, Seth Troxler, Disclosure, Fatboy Slim and Diplo consecutively, with the last of the six being a ‘special episode on DJ culture’. 

Annie Mac explains: “In 2014 dance music has never been so omnipresent in popular culture, and the DJs at the epicentre of it have never been more revered. I think it's very important that we represented the full spectrum of dance music today, thus we have the godfather of EDM Tiesto, the American music entrepreneur Diplo, the underground warrior Seth Troxler, the national treasure Fatboy Slim, and the absolute men of the moment Disclosure.”

Expect an eye-opening window into the extreme reality of life on the road for a world renowned DJ and all of the pleasures, challenges and, of course, music that come with it.

For more info and to keep up-to-date with the series, go here

Words: James Goatman