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Christopher Lawrence & DJ Dan speak out!

Top American jocks move to clear their names...

As revealed last issue, DJmag discovered voting irregularities in this year's Top 100 DJs poll. The biggest DJs at the centre of our investigation were US stars Christopher Lawrence and DJ Dan. Both shared the same marketing manager. As a result of the irregularities, DJmag removed both DJs from this year's Top 100 poll.

Since then, DJmag has been in regular contact with both DJs and accept that they were not directly involved. As our Top 100 DJs issue 2007 went to press, DJmag publisher James Robertson said: "DJmag has been in lengthy discussions with both DJ Dan and Christopher Lawrence following our discovery of voting irregularities. They accept that there were irregularities in respect to their names. We fully accept their explanations that they, personally, had no involvement in any cheating.

In a statement, DJ Dan said: "I am happy that DJmag has cleared me, personally, of any wrongdoing relating to voting irregularities in the Top 100 poll. I fully cooperated with DJmag's investigation. I did not cheat or encourage anyone else to cheat.

"After confronting my marketing manager, who denied the allegations, I arranged for DJmag to interview him. Ultimately, I fired him and will not use him again.

"I appreciate the many hours that DJmag spent investigating the allegations. I am also grateful for the amazing response from my fans. I look forward to seeing you on the dancefloor soon."

In his statement, Christopher Lawrence said: "To be clear from the outset, I did not cheat in the Top 100 poll, nor did I ask anyone to do so on my behalf. I have spent 15 years building my career on a reputation of honesty, integrity and hard work and had no intention of allowing my name to be tarnished when I was innocent.

"In the interests of clearing my name, I instructed my team to cooperate with DJmag's investigation in full. The focus of DJmag's investigation was a marketing manager who was hired by my team, and whom I had never even met or spoken to. I have now terminated this person's services and will not work with him or his company again.

"I appreciate DJmag's willingness to work with me in this investigation and am relieved that they have cleared my name. I am also humbled by the overwhelming support that I have received. Now I can get on with doing what I do best, which is playing music. That is all I ever wanted to do."

DJmag publisher James Robertson added: "DJmag has always believed, regardless of 2007's anomalies, that Christopher and Dan are excellent DJs who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the world's best. We look forward to them resuming their rightful places amongst the leading performers in the Top 100 DJs 2008 poll."