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Gorgon City discuss their futuristic sound and their mythological pasts

With today’s resurgence in the influence of UK garage, Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott are a duo that has broken free from the pack. Previously familiar faces in the world of bass and breakbeat as Foamo and RackNRuin, the two joined forces in 2012, building the collaborative super-group Gorgon City and creating a multi-faceted deep house sound that is as seductive and mysterious as their mythological Medusa inspired name would suggest.

Starting as a one time collaboration, the pair have now taken the project much further than either originally expected, their single “Ready For Your Love” with MNEK quickly becoming a worldwide sensation this year, reaching number four on the UK Singles chart. Now as their latest single, “Here For You,” prepares to drop, the duo have transformed Gorgon City into a fully realized identity of its own. Taking on the project with full force, Gorgon City continues its dedication to the original and unexpected with their expansive live set-up. We sat down with Robson-Scott to discuss what lies ahead for the duo....

How did you guys meet?
“We met at a club because we were doing solo projects for quite a few years, and we actually had the same DJ agent. We had the idea to make a track together just for fun and it worked really well. We did it for a few more times after that, and we decided to create another new act, a new artist name with a new identity. Gorgon City came from that.”

Was there any ever hesitation in becoming a duo?
“I don’t know if there was hesitation, it all just kind of happened really fast. We never really thought of what it would be if Gorgon City became a big thing in and of itself, we just kind of did it to just make music together. It all happened organically. We had to sort of prioritize time and spend more time on Gorgon City after a while. It’s been difficult to keep our solo projects at the same time, but we never stopped and said, 'Oh, let’s stop doing them entirely.'”

In what ways have you influenced each other in the studio?
“So, we both have quite similar musical upbringings. We both were very into drum and bass and UK garage, but I think when it comes to making music we’re both producers and we’re both really into making beats and basslines, [but] when it comes to chords we both have quite different ideas. In a way that’s a good thing because he might come up with some chords that I wouldn’t come up with, and vice versa. That helps make the track more interesting. We try and make all our tracks sound different from one another.”

Keep your ears open for Gorgon City's next (turned to) stone cold classic.

words: ALEX JOHN