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The house duo tell us about their first time at Sven Vath's Cocoon.

In the first of a new feature series, we ask top DJs to describe their first experiences at the one and only Cocoon in Ibiza. Stepping up to the plate to kick things off are house outfit Grzegorz and Wojciech AKA Catz ‘N Dogz, and the Polish producers — who now play there regularly — run us through that first magical moment...

“Well, for many years Sven and Cocoon were kind of like gods of techno in Poland, and they were also well known because Polish techno pioneer Jacek Sienkiewicz was releasing his early music there. We never even dreamt that one day we would be playing regularly at Cocoon parties.

Also, our flatmate in Berlin was working at Cocoon Ibiza for many years and we always heard amazing stories about afterparties and the vibe in general.

When we first went to Amnesia a few years ago the first thing that came to mind was how people are united in one energy altogether and that even though the place is very big, it doesn’t have a feeling of massive club. The sound system in the main room is probably one of the best in the world. When you stand in the middle of the dancefloor it’s like listening to music on good quality headphones but you feel the bass in your chest.

That night Ricardo Villalobos was playing a 6-hour set, hypnotising the whole dancefloor and creating a magical atmosphere. Ricardo is still one of the most inspirational people in the business and regardless of what people say nowadays he has huge following all over the world. Every second DJ can agree that some of his sets have changed their lives and that he is the best on that terrace.

Thanks to the amazing sound system in the terrace I remember we discovered a lot of new sounds we didn’t hear on the headphones or monitor speakers when we were listening the same songs in the studio. That was a great inspiration for us.” 


1. Jacek Sienkiewicz - Dream Machine

2.  Gabriel Ananda - Doppelwhipper

3. Ricardo Villalobos - Dexter

Cocoon runs every Monday until the grand closing on the 28th September.

Catch Subb-an and Catz n Dogz at Cocoon on the 21st September.

Grab tickets here.