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Win Custom-Made Earplugs

It's damn important to stop your ears buzzing, fizzing or popping altogether. Once ear problems develop they may never go away.
We've tried out the new ProGuard Custom Silicon Music earplugs. They're discrete, offer a flat frequency response and are moulded to fit the ear perfectly.

The more expensive ProGuard Pro Musician Earsonics make use of a passive filter with a loudness curve to make the world sound more natural, since the ear is less sensitive to highs and lows at low volumes.

We've got a pair of Earsonics (worth £172), two pairs of Silicon Music (worth £120) and three pairs of Alpine Music Safe Pro (£15.95) earplugs to give away.

To be in with a chance of winning, send an email to [email protected] simply telling us what the Music earplugs are made from.