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Popular host of leaves London-based station

Eddy Temple-Morris has just announced that he is quitting his Xfm radio show, The Remix, after 15 years.

“For reasons that are personal, and shall remain private, I've made a very hard decision to resign from the radio station I love,” Eddy said in a statement on his Facebook page.

While he looks for a permanent slot for his show, Eddy will continue broadcasting on Friday nights on internet station Soho Radio.

Eddy, an enthusiastic former MTV presenter and DJ Mag columnist, started his show The Remix on Xfm soon after the indie station was bought by the Capital Radio parent group in the late ‘90s. A platform, literally, for dance remixes of notable releases, it quickly grew into an indispensible show for breaking new talent that dwelt in the dance/rock interzone.

Responsible for converting thousands of indie kids into electronic music culture, Eddy’s show gave the first ever UK radio slot to Soulwax, before they became 2ManyDJs, and he’s given hundreds of acts their first ever radio play over the years.

His last show, a pre-record, goes out at 10pm tonight. His penultimate show last week featured guests Liam Howlett and Keith Flint from The Prodigy — long-term friends who Eddy has been on tour with as tour DJ several times.

Eddy is also in electro band The Losers, who have just been signed by BMG, and is in talks with various labels, festivals and radio stations about future projects. DJ Mag wishes him well in his future endeavours — definitely one of the good guys!