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Weird Science!

Bryan Muller started off in music by playing drums in his dad's band in Munich, Germany. 
“After I had some drum lessons, my dad sometimes took me to their practice sessions,” he tells DJ Mag. He started neglecting the drums in favour of messin' with MIDI keyboards, although says he still tries to hit a real drum-kit from time to time.

He started listening to Tiga and Boys Noize and making rudimentary electro on Ableton. After a low-key release on an American label, he broadened his sound palette and found his music ending up in the inbox of Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize. After a couple of EPs for Boys Noize Records, for which he lost the vowels in his name in time-honoured fashion, he's now about to drop his debut album, 'Self Therapy', at the tender age of 17.

An advanced blend of illuminating '90s-style Higher Intelligence Agency ambient techno, corrosive tunnel tech, whimsical chillwave and haunting electronica, it's a summary of some of the tracks he's made over the past two to four years. He reveals, however, that he's not 100% happy with how it's turned out — which is why he's called it 'Self Therapy'. “Some of the tracks are really old, I would do them differently these days,” he says. “But I just had to put them out, so in a way it was a bit like therapy.

DJ Mag asks SCNTST why, in his lab, he concocts techno and not, for instance, drum & bass or dubstep? “I don't only make techno, and I even already made some tracks that have more of that d&b/dubstep kinda vibe,” he counters. “Actually, I try every time I make a new track to make the next one sound completely different — and maybe from another genre — because I often get bored after making a track, if you know what I mean,” he says.

SCNTST says that people say to him “You're so young!” sometimes, but he just lets it wash over him. “It doesn't annoy me at all,” he says. Watch out for this kid!