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Holy Shit… CUFF gone Trap!

Think CUFF; think "G-House", right? Wrong!

Casting the bass heavy, 4x4 house grooves associated with Amine Edge & DANCE and their monster label to one side, the label's latest release (available for free below!) from young French beatmaker Ikaz Boi has thrown a complete spanner in the works. It's his first solo project, a free download mixtape entitled ‘Ketamine Trap’.

The six-track EP has a pretty fitting title. ‘Ketamine Trap’ — a literal definition to the wonky, west-coast hip-hop infused record. First track ‘Hun!’ kicks off with an original banger; the outlandish synth lines with heavy hitting bass kicks sound something like Rick Ross meets Ruff Sqwad in a scene from Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas… with loads more bass!

Ikaz Boi’s most recent collaboration with Amine Edge & DANCE ‘Came Around’ caused a massive stir on the house scene, but clearly he's no one trick pony!

‘Ketamine Trap’ won't please everybody, especially not house purists. Listen & download below and decide for yourself...