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Dada Life
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Questions Top100 DJs 2013 - admin - 2015-06-30 17:17

Best known for: 
“Creating their own nation — Dada Land — and getting banned from leaving Sweden by their government.”
Tune of the year: 
“DVBBS & Borgeous 'Tsunami'."
“People are up for paying a lot of money for a proper experience. If the DJ can deliver that — sure why not? Also, do you know how much bananas and champagne we go through a regular year?”
Have DJs' fees got out of hand?: 
“Yes. Why not? It's fun — and it's about the now."
Has dance music become the new pop?: 
“Monkeys. No need to explain.”
If you could be any animal, what would you be?: 
“We prefer the international sign for 'pizza'. Now that is love.”
Should DJs do "heart hands": 
“No. That said: music is the strongest drug ever and 100% safe.”
Do DJs have a duty to speak out about drugs?: 
"What do you mean? We have our fantasy rider. Every night.”

Dadaism was a European art movement in the early 20th century which revelled in nonsense and irrationality and covered a wide range of art-forms that laid the groundwork for postmodernism, pop art and surrealism. 
"We heard about these other people doing something similar stuff in the 1910s but to be honest they just seemed too boring to copy," Dada Life tell DJ Mag when asked if they feel an affinity to their predecessors.

Known for track titles like 'Rolling Stones T-shirt', 'Happy Violence', 'Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker', 'Unleash the Fucking Dada' and 'Feed the Dada' they say "they just come to us. If you could step into our minds for one day…"
It must be said that not many DJs start their own country as they have done with 'Dada Land'.

"It's a special place for us. No rules but the rules of Dada. We felt the need to create a sovereign nation where we can all do whatever we want. The Swedish government disagreed and kept our passports for more than two weeks before we got them back," they explain rather sheepishly.
As for next year? "Release a lot of music to start with! We also need to develop Dada Land even further. Our independence day is the 6th of March…keep your eyes and ears open!"