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Daft Punk’s creative director launches futurist furniture exhibition


Daft Punk’s creative director Cedric Hervet has launched a new exhibition of high-end, futurist furniture Maxfield’s Beverly Hills output in Los Angeles, California.

Hervet, has worked with the French duo frequently in the past as a designer and creative director, helping to shape their image and visual strategy. He designed cover art for most of their albums and was the artistic steerer for ‘Random Access Memories’. Not only that, he co-produced their third album ‘Human After All’.

He also makes furniture and is the founder of such a company that bears his name. A designer of ornate, handmade fittings, he has now opened an exhibition in Maxfield’s featuring block desks, coffee tables, lounge chairs and more.

All of the items on display were made using traditional woodworking techniques like marquetry and veneering. The exhibition is kitted out with a very slick Bose soundsystem too. Of course.

If you’re in the LA area and feel like taking a look, it’s open until 28th June. Alternatively, take a look at some of the pieces on display on Hervet’s website.

Last month, Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter has penned an exclusive cut as part of the soundtrack to a new film by Gaspar Noé, titled Climax.

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