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Dan Jugle, influential Chicago techno artist, has died

He was a champion of the city’s underground scene...

Dan Jugle, the influential, Chicago-based techno and experimental artist, died this past weekend.

Jugle was a champion of the Chicago underground scene. He was best known for his involvement in multiple live electronic acts including Juzer, Dar Embarks, Chandeliers and Ghost Arcade. His music with these various projects spanned a number of genres, including ambient, art rock and techno, and includes releases on multiple labels like The Corner, Dog In The Night and Stilove4music. 

As Dar Embarks, Jugle most recently contributed to the ‘Acid Camp All Stars Vol. 2’ compilation, which was released at the end of last month, with the track ‘Verldsrymden’. 

Members of the local Chicago music community and underground, as well as Jugle’s surviving band members, have been reacting to and mourning his passing on social media these past few days. 

“my friend is gone... dan jugle,” tweeted Kenneth Zawacki, who was Jugle’s production partner in the live electronic band Dar Embarks.

“One of my closest friends and musical partner passed away this weekend,” tweeted Beau Wanzer, a member of Juzer alongside Jugle. “He inspired so many people in Chicago and was truly one of the most talented musicians I've ever had the pleasure of working with. RIP Jugle.” 

Details regarding Jugle’s memorial and funeral services have not been made public.

Stream the 2014 Juzer album ‘Horseplay’ below.