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Dan Mckie Interview

With his 1980 Recordings stable, Dan Mckie is kicking up quite a storm.

For him, it's all about house music, whatever the hue. With releases due on his own label, as well as Peace Bisquit, and gigs all over this Geordie DJ/producer is blowing up big style. We linked up to learn more…

How would you describe the output of 1980 Recordings?

"It's a bit of everything to do with house really. It's all about the 4/4 beat. I've got this EP coming out in October. I've got a new single coming in August from this guy David Aussi, which is quite melodic French tech house. And then I've got some electro coming out. If I like it I sign it!"

What moves you when you listen to a house track? What special ingredients do you look for?

"It has to keep me interested, otherwise I just get bored. A lot of these proggy tracks that just go on and on. With the minimal tracks if they're done well, if they're good with a good groove, they can work. I'm just looking for a bit of melody and funk."

Why did you name the label 1980?

"Because I was born in 1980, it's as simple as that! I wanted to get the label going and I was thinking what can I call it, what can I call it, and I wanted something that would stick in your head. And when it comes to looking in a directory, it's up there at the top."

What have you got coming up on the label?

"I've got stuff by me, and stuff by Filip Le Frick, on a kind of tribal, electro tip. I've just signed him up because I've just started a management company as well."

What kind of sounds do you play as a DJ?

"I play electro, dirty twisted house, a bit of breaks in there to break it up a bit. Now and again a bit of techno in there, if it's done well."

What have you got coming up production wise?

"I've got two singles coming up, one on my label which is gonna be more house instrumentals, four tracks, and then I've got one coming up on Peace Bisquit, which is the label owned by my management, Bill Coleman in New York, who basically started off the careers of Deee Lite, N'Dea Davenport, The Ones… I'm in good hands! Eventually I'll probably do an album. For now I'll probably do a couple of compilations on Peace Bisquit and 1980 with my remixes, and showcase the labels. I just want to get the singles out there, bubbling to catch the ears of people."