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Dance Inc.’s latest podcast tackles the taboo topic of toilets in clubs

The episode’s title is Theme from Q: The Toilet Episode...

Dance inc. is a new podcast from regular DJ Mag contributor Goldierocks and radio producer Sarah Myles, which aims to shine a light on some of dance music’s toughest, most controversial issues.

The podcast, which has been produced in association with DJ Mag, covers everything from the LGBT roots of dance music to sex in the club, to the highs and lows of managing a career in the music industry and disability in the rave.

DJ Mag also hosted a panel with the producers of Dance Inc. and some very special guests back in April — you can watch back the conversation in full here.

This week’s episode is Theme from Q: The Toilet Episode, with guests including Paula Duran, Paris Lees, Christine Burns and Atiha Sen Gupta all featured.

According to the show’s producers, “This episode is all about flushing out negative stereotypes and freshening up clubs with inclusion and diversity- yes, it’s a toilet episode!

“We’ve got tales of toilet woes and advice on what you can do if you’re getting harassed... Expect stories on gender neutral toilets, the everyday sexism of the female loo queue and how to get support if you're working as a toilet attendant.”

Dance Inc.’s new episode Theme from Q: The Toilet Episode is out on 15th May and you can subscribe to show via Apple Music.