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Dave Smith Instruments Introduce New Prophet Hybrid Synth

The Prophet X is a synth-sampler combined…

Dave Smith Instruments have introduced a new version of their legendary Prophet range – the Prophet X. Moving away from pure synthesis, the Prophet X adds sampler functionality, letting users re-create epic synth strings and concert pianos using the same instrument.

The sample engine contains 150GB of samples featuring acoustic instruments, cinematic and electronic effects and electronic sounds. Samples can be stretched, looped, pitched and affected all the ways you'd expect from a sampler, as well as layered with other samples and the synth engine of the Prophet X. 

There's also two effects per layer such as multiple reverb and delay types, polyphonic step sequencing and multiple LED screens for editing and preset selection. At $3,999 it's unlikely to tempt many bedroom producers, but we can see it being popular with touring musicians, offering a wide range of sounds and options. Find out more in the video below.

Why not pick up one of Moby's synths instead? He's currently auctioning some of his most famous instruments for charity. Altenatively, for a Dave Smith classic at a music lower price, Behringer have cloned the mono monster Pro-One