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David Zowie’s smash hit House Every Weekend is still causing damage on the dancefloor, here are five of this weekend warrior’s studio essentials

  1. Native Instruments’ Maschine 2 I use the Maschine by Native Instruments for most of my drums. It has a nice setup and workflow, especially if you are from an Akai MPC background. The layout of the libraries makes it easy to scroll through to preview your kits. Plus its fun to bang drum pads and get away from the computer screen.

  1. Korg M1- I use the Korg M1. It sounds warm, rich and colourful. I have used the emulation of this but nothing beats plugging in from the source. There are those 90’s era sounds, which to me is nostalgic. It fits my studio better than the elephant sized Triton.

  1. Logic Pro 9/ Macbook Pro - I have used Logic since Logic 5 probably because I’m stuck in my ways, which is probably why I am still yet to move onto Logic X. I love the ‘logical’ layout, which just makes sense to me. I have used other DAW’s and have an old M-Box for Pro Tools but continue with Logic, which I run off my Macbook mostly.

  1. Yamaha HS8 Monitors - I use Yamaha monitors in my studio now. They seem to have a clean reference without colouring the sound too much and are the right size for my room. Like any monitors- get used to them.

  1. Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro - My favourite headphones for in the studio. They have an overall colourless sound, which doesn’t seem to change the source too much or exaggerate sounds. They are furry earmuff cans which cover your ear which is great if your wearing headphones for hours, plus they do NOT really look cool like others which is strangely something I love about them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say.