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Deadmau5: “I’ve always wanted to go into film scoring”

“It would be cool to custom-write music for some kind of story. That’d be cool”

Deadmau5 might be on the path to composing music for the big screen. If he gets his way, that is.

The mau5trap boss – real name Joel Zimmerman – recently released his orchestral album ‘where’s the drop’ after months of teasers, snippets and previews. Now, in a new interview with Billboard with himself and his collaborator on the album Gregory Reveret, he has revealed that he’s developed a taste for orchestral work and that he’d be keen to explore that realm further through film scoring.

“I’ve always wanted to go into film scoring,” he said. “I think that this is a better entry point because now I’m like fucking walking the walk, as opposed to fucking talking the talk. Which is all you can do before anyone would think that you are capable of scoring a film, you know what I mean?”

“Hopefully this kind of puts me on the radar with professionals in that area or even the public to want something like that," he added. "It would be cool to custom-write music for some kind of story. That’d be cool.”

In the same interview, he discussed how on ‘where’s the drop’ he was determined not to make another electronic-meets-classical fusion. Conversely, he wanted to make an orchestral work that stood on its own merit.

“This stands on its own legs, which is something I purposely try to do,” he told Billboard. “I didn’t want to mishmash two things together. I didn’t want to fuse orchestral music with EDM… I just wanted to do a full body traditional piece.”

If and when such a project might happen is anyone’s guess, but in the meantime we have ‘where’s the drop to enjoy’ and Deadmau5 will also be playing (non-orchestrally) at Spring Awakening in June and and EDC in May.

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