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Deadmau5 spins orchestral version of ‘Strobe’ in new portable set-up, Cube 0.5: Watch

He’s back with a smaller version of his classic Cube...

Deadmau5 has christened his new mini-cube DJ booth — titled the Cube 0.5 — with a spin of his orchestral remix of mega hit ‘Strobe’.

The follow-up to previous larger versions including the Cube, Cube 2.0 and Cube 2.1, the Cube 0.5 is a lighter and less cumbersome version of deadmau5’s signature LED-laden DJ booth but still boasts the same screen resolution as previous models.

The Canadian DJ/producer uploaded images of the new set-up via Twitter boasting that the fresh kit was so small it even "fits nicely" in his basement.

Deadmau5 also revealed a Cube 2.2 back in mid-2017 — a tiny desktop-sized version of the iconic DJ booth that would be used for "show development purposes" only.

Check out the all-new Cube 0.5 below with the ‘Mau5 spinning his new orchestral version of ‘Strobe’ which he revealed via a stream on Twitch back in December.