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Deadmau5 is in the studio with Lights, reveals details of new EP

'Mau5ville: Level 2' is incoming... 

Deadmau5 is in the studio with Lights, a fellow-Canadian whose oeuvre includes hit singles, albums, comic books and more. 

The prolific dance music don, AKA Joel Zimmerman, who recently relaunched his 'Coffee Run' video series, confirmed the new collaboration via Twitter while responding to a fan who was congratulating him on the quality of recent floor-filler 'Monophobia', which he made alongside Rob Swire. 

That track featured on this year's EP, 'Mau5ville: Level 1', and Deadmau5 has also now confirmed a follow up is on the cards, cunningly-titled 'Mau5ville: Level 2', with samples being teased via his Twitch account. At the time of writing there were few details regarding his efforts with Lights, so watch this space for more news as we get it.