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Deadmau5’s 'Coffee Run' returns with Getter: WATCH

A long-awaited comeback for the video series... 

Deadmau5’s 'Coffee Run' videos have returned with a new episode featuring emergent bass star Getter. 

It has been some six months since the last instalment in this series, and word first hit that there would be a revival in June. This new outing sees the man (usually) in the mouse’s head getting up close and personal with his guest, who also makes an appearance on the forthcoming mau5trap compilation, mau5ville: level 1, which is due for release on Friday 13th July. 

The 'Coffee Run' itself lasts for almost one hour, and touches on a range of subjects, from homelessness in LA to meeting significant others and, of course, music and performance techniques. Introductions over, take a look at the footage below and see if you don’t learn a little about the two creative minds in question.