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Hotflush favourites announce vinyl repress of 2012's 004 EP

Last night Dense & Pika announced a repress of their EP 004 set to be released through their own imprint Kneaded Pains.

The London based two-piece originally put the EP out in October 2012 but have decided to give it a second release. The EP known for its unabashedly pounding dimensions and gritty authentic ambience will include the same three original tracks 'Who Cares Who Wins' and B-side tracks 'Morse Mode' and 'Crackling'. 

Glimpse, one half of the heavy techno duo exclusively told DJ Mag: “We get a lot of vinyl DJs asking if we have the earlier releases on wax. We sold out twice so thought it would be a good time for a repress.” 

You can listen to the release in full on Soundcloud below.

Words: George Walker