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Detone Record Party Launch

Saturday at East Village London

To celebrate the launch of his new label DETONE, Darren Emerson is holding a party at East Village on Saturday night, which just looks to be an all-around solid night in terms of parties.

The first release from the label is entitled ‘Gracelands,’ produced by Jamie McHugh and Emerson himself, and the party will feature the spinning of both. The East Village lounge will be in the ever-capable hands of Terry Farley, Trevor Fung and DJ AKA, who will be hitting you over the head with early house, disco and Balearic numbers that will make you dance until dawn, or at least until you pass out at 3:30 am.

For a free new mix from Darren, check his post about the night on his official site, and check the full details at the Facebook event, and don’t forget to download the track.