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Official first interview

Italian production duo Deviz Bang and Edshock have won the Top 100 DJs Anthem competition, with their track ‘Airzooka’. The track will be played at the Top 100 DJs awards ceremony, tomorrow night in Amsterdam. It will then be released by leading label Armada Music.

We caught up with the winners to see how they feel ahead of their trip to Amsterdam.

Congratulations on winning the Top 100 DJs Anthem competition! How does it feel?
“It feels unbelievable! It hasn’t really sunk in yet, but we feel like this is a big chance for us; hopefully the first real step into this industry!”

Tell us about the track ‘Airzooka’. How was it made?
“‘Airzooka’ was made basically in two weeks, entirely in our bedroom studio. We finished it just one day before the contest’s deadline and we were unsure about sending it because we hadn’t got the chance to listen to the track in a pro studio. Luckily we decided to send it anyway! As for the track itself, we kept the trend of a classic big room track but we wanted to add some sparkle to the formula, adding more musicality to the drop. After some crazy experiments the result is the track you well know.”

So was it made specifically for this competition?
“More or less. We started the track without knowing about the competition at all, then we read about the contest and finished it. Those were some intense production days!”

How long have you been producing together?
“We started the Deviz Bang & Edshock project in 2013. At the time I had a solo project named Dave LeBon and i was producing progressive house and trance, while Edo was having his firsts DJ gigs in our hometown. I knew him from school and one day he came to me for some production lessons and, well, we’re here now!”

Have you released on any other labels?
“As a solo artist I [Deviz Bang] released on Enhanced Recordings and Intricate, two big progressive labels. As a duo we released 2 tracks this year on Wormland Music (Ministry Of Sound) and LR2 (a strong Italian label) receiving some good support from Nari & Milani between the others. Actually this year we received some great support worldwide mostly for of our unofficial remixes and bootlegs.”

Great stuff. So what do you guys have coming up next?
“Well, we have a release coming up in November on Peak Hour Records, and tons of demos ready to be signed!”

Any final words or comments?
“We’d like to thank you guys for this incredible opportunity! It may be an ordinary thing to say but it’s like a dream come true for us, and we feel like, all the work we’ve put in this finally has a reason!”

You can listen to all of the finalists tracks below.