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A different revenge

Different Gear score bloodthirsty play

Thomas Middleton's Revenger's Tragedy - a dark Jacobean play first staged in 1606 - has had the re-spray treatment, with a score by electronic producers Different Gear and classical composer Adrian Sutton. Taking it back to ye olde skool, the production team of Gino Scaletti and Quinn Whalley have collaborated with the musician to help evoke the bloody, darkly humourous nature of the play, fusing his classical knowledge with their deep, bassy synth grooves.
"We've co-written the score with Adrian Sutton, who's a classically trained composer. He's doing the classical side of it because the music is Jacobean, and we are providing the electronics, the deep sub-sonics," divulged Scaletti.

Different Gear, whose deep house for labels like Strictly Rhythm, City Rockers and Vendetta have severely damaged dancefloors since 2001, weaved together their own beats, basslines and aural textures with Sutton's traditional orchestration to create a truly 21st century accompaniment to the play.
"We're adding bass and beats, stuff you would expect Different Gear to do. It's a true collaboration, a lot of things need to be done together, it's all intertwined. There are some bits where we sample the orchestra and throw it back at them, and there are other instances where the orchestra tries to copy us," Scaletti explained.

Despite being initially daunted by the project, they're delighted with the results, and are keen to explore the area of scoring more in the future.
"We've done the odd bits for films and video games so this feels like a bit of a natural progression. It's got a live element to it so it's gonna keep us on the edge of our seat," added Gino.
The Revenger's Tragedy is now showing at London's Olivier Theatre until 7th August, with tickets from £10. The soundtrack will be available soon exclusively through iTunes.