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Digital DJ License

The copyright authorities are meeting soon to discuss the digital DJ license. has been asked to help compile opinions from the DJ community about the license.

Next week, the UK's copyright authorities MCPS and PRS will be meeting to discuss their controversial proposed digital DJ license. has been asked to help compile feedback on the license from UK DJs, the results of which will be passed on at the meeting.

Already many DJs have made their feelings clear on the license, which will cost £200 per year, with many saying it's a waste of money as it only allows DJs to play direct off a laptop, and not burn digital music to CD to play out.

Below is a list of questions that MCPS and PRS would like UK DJs to answer.

No individual information will be passed onto MCPS or PRS, your answers will simply be used to provide a collective opinion from the DJ community about the license.


1. Do you play digital tracks for some or all of your set?

2. Do you think the DJ license will work? Is it enforceable?

3. Do you think it will put DJs off transferring to digital if they haven¹t already?

4. If it were introduced would you pay it?

5. When playing in a UK club have you ever been approached by PRS survey people to list your set?

6. If the answer to 5 is yes, did you give them the set list?

7. If the £200 license was introduced as suggested, would it make you go back to playing only CDs and vinyl?

8. If the cost of license was lower do you think it might be more accepted?

9. Any other comments or suggestions?

Click here to email your answers. Make sure you number your answers in your email!