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Point Blank explore the new features

Pioneer Rekordbox has been a revolution for CDJ DJs who wanted to move beyond CDs to get more creative with their mixing. It has become the go-to software for USB- and SD-card DJs who want to take advantage of computer-based management and preparation of their music, but don’t want to use a laptop in the booth. Rekordbox 3.0 – the latest version of this software – is now here with a brand new interface and faster than ever analysis! It allows the user to analyse, organise, add cue points, artwork and more, all before their set begins, not only saving time during their sets but allowing personal playlists and settings to be loaded instantly. Watch the video to find out how Rekordbox works and to go pro with its more in-depth features.

Alternatively you can explore Pioneer Rekordbox 3.0's extra features on the Point Blank website HERE

Ben Bristow is the tutor of our Complete DJing Course here at Point Blank London, which explores everything to do with the latest version of Rekordbox, getting you up to speed on the industry-standard software and allowing you to organise your DJ sets exactly how you want. Our DJ studios are sponsored by Pioneer, meaning we are constantly updating our DJ kit with the newest and best CDJs, DJMs, RMX and more, so if you’d like to take your DJing to the next step you can find out more about our London DJ courses here.