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DJ Mag Japan Creators Salon Vol.1

A fresh initiative from DJ Mag Japan for upcoming artists

On Sunday, 11th March in Shinagawa, Tokyo, a district of countless domestic and international businesses was unusually quiet. Just outside the station by former Virgin Cafe, now N Cafe Diner & Music Pub, the event prepared to start. By 15:30, a new generation of DJs, upcoming producers and future sound engineers started to gather at the venue.

DJ Mag Japan Creators Salon Vol.1 is a new project to support 30 selected DJ/Producers from Japan into international stardom, supported by 17 other DJ MAG licensors, world-class DJ/Producers, and European labels.

16:00: DJ Mag Japan Creators Salon began with the MC of editor-in-chief Yahagi and a local artist, Seiko Hashimoto.


The Salon opened up with a short clip briefly showing how two-time No.1 DJ Martin Garrix achieved his place on huge festival line-ups all around the globe. Next, DJ Mag Japan CEO, Jackie had made his talk explaining the details about the Salon itself.

Peeking into his speech, he mentioned that current situation of Japanese dance music scene is very much similar to Japanese football league and Formula 1 years back. So, now is the time to gather upcoming talents and push their abilities internationally. 

As it gets closer to the end of his talk, he mentioned the “Action 10”, which DJ Magis willing to support throughout this Salon.