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The world’s biggest dance magazine returns to Octagon, Seoul

Tonight, we return to Seoul for another DJ Mag party at Octagon, Gangnam style.

Off the back off recent visits from Mark Fanciulli, Coyu and Ministry of Sound’s Gavin Mytchel, DJ Mag Allstars Adam Saville and Joe Roberts join residents Beejay, Mindbender and G-Tech.

Stacked to the hilt with enough Funktion One fire power to sink a battleship, this slick jet-black box of noise has risen to prominence at incredible speed since launching in November 2011, scoring number 97 in our Top 100 Clubs poll within less than a year of operation.

A silkily designed complex fitted with sound-sensitive panels and apoplectic visuals to give a killer whale the bends – a swimming pool, a Mercedes car (in the club) and an in-house gourmet chef – plus a sharply dressed up-for-anything crowd, Gangnam’s Octagon has literally everything a worldclass superclub can - and should - have.