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Sexy set from Balearic groove master

As well as blood, Italian-born Ibiza resident Guiseppe Tuccillo has groove pumping through his veins.

A prominent figure on the house scene following a string of collaborations with Cielo-resident Willie Graff during the early/mid '00s, he's become increasingly visible over the past few years dropping chunky, groove-laden cuts onto 2020Vision, Local Talk and Freerange.

Rolling in the next instalment of our weekly podcast, Tuccillo illustrates exactly what he's all about on an hour-long mix featuring mostly his own material.

With plenty of music on the boil and his own new label — Unblock Music — in the pipeline, expect to a lot more from Tuccillo in the coming months.

Tuccillo - Percussholic [Holic Trax]
Willie Graf & Tuccillo - Back Room Beat [Finale Session]
Tuccillo - Witness [Shis]
Mihai Popoviciu – Micramour (Tuccillo Remix) [Bondage]
Tuccillo - Dubbio [Oblack]
Emerson Todd - MindGame (Tuccillo Remix) [This & That]
Tuccillo - Blue Window [Unblock-Music] *Unreleased from new label*
Tuccillo - Elevation Point [Shis]
Doublet - Synthonic [Holic Trax]
Willie Graff & Tuccillo - Groove On [Finale Session]
Tuccillo - Salty Shell [Isgud Records]