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This weeks podcast is from The Willers Brothers...

What do you get when you mix two brothers, with equal amounts of ambition, natural talent and a fair old dose of Northern charm? The Willers Brothers, that's what. 

Like many budding DJs and producers, Sean and Liam Willers found themselves sucked into the house and techno movement after a visit to the White Isle one summer, converting their living room into a makeshift studio on their return to the UK. It was their natural stage presence and intuitive selections that quickly set them apart, with the duo quickly crowned residents at London's famed EGG club in Kings Cross. 

Since then, they've played alongside the best and brightest DJ talent from around the globe, including our DJ Mag Sessions party next to Kerri Chandler, Omar S and Fur Coat. They've also spun at Fire, The Coronet, The Warehouse and Rhythm Factory plus further afield in Italy, Malta and the Czech Republic. 

Release wise, Yuma, Quanticman and Entail Records have snapped up their brand of deep and funky tech house, a taste of which they've featured on their exclusive podcast for DJ Mag. Fans should look out for a forthcoming remix of David Glass on Take Away Music plus upcoming gigs from The Willers Brothers around the UK.

Want more Willers? You can find them on RA, Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook

Stream the The Willers Brothers Weekly Podcast below. 


1 - Enrico Mantini - U Deep Me

2 - Mr Ks - Take a Trip

3 - Theodor Dox - Fading 

4 - John Dimas - Re Call

5 - Terence:Terry - Additive Feat Hanfry Martinez 

6 - G Rom - Something in the air (Jef K & Alex Murak Remix)

7 - Ekkohaus - Studer

8 - Bas Ibellini - Thats Right 

9 - Eda,Yamen - Physicall (John Dimas Warped Remix)

10 - Julian Chaptal - Silver Surface

11- Livio & Roby - Lock 

12 - Kody Monroe - Still Rolling (Juliche Hernandez remix)

13 - Yousef - What Is Revolution (Acid Mondays Remix)