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We asked lots of DJs for their World Cup predictions...

Who's gonna win the World Cup?
“I think Brazil have a good chance, but I'm a bit scared about Holland and Argentina and Germany. I think the final will be Brazil vs Argentina, and Brazil wins.”

Who will be the stars of the tournament?
“Neymar will be the best football player for Brazil. Messi, he's a bad boy, and the other guy from Argentina, Di María — he's really good. [Bernd] Schneider from Germany — my kid loves him. There's a lot of people talking about Ronaldo...”

How will England do?
“Uruguay is going to be difficult for England, it's gonna be interesting. I dunno, I support England because I've been here for the past 12 years. Sometimes I think I have a little bit of the British vibe as well, a little more quiet when I go home sometimes. But let's see — I hope England go forward. We never know.”