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Says he’s ‘#NotGangster’

DJ Sneak has taken to Instagram to attack Armand Van Helden, seemingly about his current look. Underneath a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image of the DJ/producer, Sneak’s captioned the following:

'Who the Hell is this New Armand Van Helden? When did the Hip Hop Sample Slayer got Transformed into this Sad depiction of the 90’s House Producer looking degraded for what FAME? $$$$? wTF man! If this is Success then I’m Staying G for Life! #NotGangster'

This isn’t the first time Sneak’s attacked the Strictly Rhythm producer.

After they both appeared on the same bill in Miami he tweeted: ‘Yo seriously Armand was hella whack— totally killed the vibe. Bad taste in music. Not cool at all… last night was going well till one Van Helden dude killed the vibe, totally out of line.... garbage EDM shit.’

The House Gangster then ‘banned’ Armand from playing future Xmix nights, also saying that he should ‘leave this DJ business’ altogether.

Comments underneath the upload are mixed, ranging from ‘Who cares what he looks like?’ to ‘When you do your art for the look and public acceptance, you will always fail’ to ‘You’re a fat mess and no one cares what you look like @djsneak’.