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DJ Weekly Podcast

Kris Wadsworth

Now based in Berlin, Detroit born DJ and producer Kris Wadsworth has been vocal in the past about disassembling some of the myths surrounding his hometown. Yet its techy-soul is still apparent in his debut album 'Life & Death', out now on Get Physical records. With a disarming frankness though, there's no po-faced, cooler-than-thou attitude around Kris whose recent samples include Pee-wee Herman and himself talking about his 'famous anus'.

Help make that rear-ended dream come true by spreading this podcast, which features cuts off the album alongside plenty of his own remixes and – aptly - even a sliver of UK rudeness with Pedestrian's rough-arsed remix of Djrum. 

  1. Kris Wadsworth - Fan Mail (Revisited) - Get Physical
  2. Kris Wadsworth - Fan Mail - Hypercolour
  3. Kris Wadsworth - Girl Talk - Get Physical 
  4. DJ Linus - KB's Groove (Kris Wadsworth's A Love Letter To Dance Music remix) - Initials
  5. Deadbeat - Wolves And Angels - BLKRTZ
  6. Djrum - Mountains Pt. 1 (Pedestrian's pirate radio remix) - 2nd Drop
  7. Luca Lozano - Thug It Out (Kris Wadsworth's We Be Thuggin' remix) - Klasse
  8. Mr G - This Is Now - Phoenix G
  9. Self Enemy - Finding - Syncrophone