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Zoo Brazil

Quite what affinity John Andersson has with zoos or Brazil, we don't know, especially since he's actually from the hallowed dance lands of Sweden. But then he's a difficult character to pin down, fusing the techier tastes of the likes of fellow countryman Jesper Dahlback with his country's well know love of a big hook – consequently his back catalogue includes an array of labels, Get Physical, Turbo, Joia and Great Stuff just a few.

Shifting from rolling basslines and acid to vocal belters, his podcast lives up to this menagerie of influences and hints at his new album, ‘Any Moment Now’, out now on Magik Muzik. The first single, ‘Give Myself’, features the peerless singer Ursula Rucker.

1. Zoo Brazil - Cut Boots (The Junkies Remix) (Sci/Tec)
2. Zoo Brazil - Give Myself (Magik Muzik)
3. Zoo Brazil - Window Looks (Sergio Fernandez Remix) (Factomania)
4. Shlomi Aber feat Moggli - Foolish Games (Be As One)
5. Luca Bacchetti - The Bloom (Saved Records)
6. A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (Shield Re Edit) (White Label)
7. Zoo Brazil - Sweat (Magik Muzik)
8. Flashmob Ft. Laila Walker - Pieces (Panorama Mix) (Defected)
9. Zoo Brazil - Slob (Nick Curly Remix) (Sci/Tec)
10. Leon Toky - Rock Me (Leon 909 Dub Remix) (Defected)
11. Supernova - The Bridge (Defected)
12. The Dolphines - Alba (Sci/Tec)
13. Supernova - This World Is Crazy (Defected)
14. Ross Evana - Cheget (Cocoon Recordings)
15. Zoo Brazil - For Good (Magik Muzik)