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Franck Roger

With a discography stretching back to 2001, Parisian Franck Roger has been at the forefront of French deep house for over a decade. Yet his influence stretches much further, his Real Tone label releasing the EP that broke Maya Jane Coles and the likes of Master of Work clamouring for his production touch.

Striking a fine balance between old school purism and house/techno's recent developments, his second album 'Extensions Of Yesterday' is out now on Circus Company. To accompany its release, he dropped us this podcast which features album cuts alongside the likes of Rhythm Plate and UK pioneer Julian Jonah.

1. Vtothed - NYE Space Session Part 1 (Edward Remix)
2. Nichael Horse (White)
3. Catalepsia - Green Wings (Area Nudge Nudge) Kimochi 6
4. ike Release - Ode to my own - Machining Dreams
5. Franck Roger - Black Jazz - Circus Company
6. Whim-ee - Where is your pants (Martin de Bring Remix) Got2Go Records
7. Drewsky - Straight from the Hideout - 004
8. Franck Roger - Tension - Circus Company
9. Rhythm Plate - Lean 2013 - Pressed for time
10. Julian Jonah - Jealousy and Lies - Aux Records 07
11. Tornado Wallace - Bit One - ESP Institute