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78: Shades of Gray

Czech/Aussie duo Michal Schwa and Nick West, AKA Shades of Gray, recently wowed us with their debut 'Soul Machine' album on Beef Records which showed a deft touch for the entire spectrum of house from deep to bleep and a firm grip of what it takes to get booties shaking on the floor. Not resting on their laurels, a new 'All About the Drums' EP out 16th April on Lost My Dog carries this sound forward into four more essential jackers. Sticking to their own output for the podcast, they provide a whistle-stop tour through the various facets of their sound, including highlights from the album's second remix disc. Make a note now, whatever tone you like your house mixed, Shade of Gray have it covered.

DJ Weekly Podcast 78: Shades of Gray by djmag

1. Shades of Gray - Illusions /Beef 
2. Shades of Gray - Drums of the South /Beef 
3. Shades of Gray - Higher Ground (Fiord remix) /Beef 
4. Shades of Gray  feat. Beckford - Midnight Lover /Beef 
5. Niconé vs Shades of Gray - Niconé of Gray /promo 
6. Shades of Gray - Back to the Future (Peter Horrevorts remix) /Beef 
7. Niconé vs Shades of Gray - Shades of Niconé /promo 
8. Shades of Gray - Crazee /Beef 
9. Shades of Gray - Sometimes /Lost My Dog 
10. Shades of Gray - The Drums go like This /Lost My Dog 
11. Shades of Gray - Illusions (LuRob remix) /Beef