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54: Gui Boratto

Out this week on Kompakt, Gui Boratto’s new album ‘III’ continues his peerless grasp of emotional techno, fusing it with all manner of other styles, from the rumbling late night bass saturation of ‘The Drill’ and 'Stems From Hell’ to the guitar and indie vocal pairing of ‘This Is Not The End’, featuring Luciana Villanova (fittingly the penultimate track, so it’s not the end see), and the sinister half beat ambience of ‘The Trap’. To celebrate we have an exclusive live podcast from last month’s gig in Paris which includes album highlight as his stunning unreleased remix of Massive Attack’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’.

DJ Weekly Podcast: 54 Gui Boratto by djmag

00'00'' - Gui Boratto - "Galuchat" (KOMPAKT)
07'32'' - Gui Boratto - "Striker" (KOMPAKT)
13'48'' - Gui Boratto - "Stems From Hell" (KOMPAKT)
20'46'' - Gui Boratto - "Notations" (LoKik Records)
27'49'' - Gui Boratto - "Azzurra" (KOMPAKT)
33'35'' - Massive Attack - "Unfinished Sympathy (Gui Boratto's Remix - Unreleased)
41'27'' - Gui Boratto - "Take My Breath Away" (KOMPAKT)
49'00'' - Gui Boratto - "No Turning Back" (KOMPAKT)
58'13'' - Gui Boratto - "Flying Practice" (KOMPAKT)