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Thoughtless Music boss drops mix

The man pulling the strings of Thoughtless Music, Noah Pred has been penning releases since 2002.

The Berlin-based Canadian's third LP, 'Third Culture', last November saw him turn out another accomplished effort, crafting a textured tech-house aesthetic from an outsider's point of view, and a remix album featuring the likes of Butane, Eric Volta and Steven Tang also lands on Thoughtless on 21st April.

The label itself has provided a home for polished house and techno cuts from the likes of Timo Maas, Funk D'Void and Deepchild during its five year tenure, so we asked him to mix and blend some of his own choice cuts...


1. Lord of the Isles - 301C Symphony - Permanent Vacation
2.Will Berridge - Stacking Options - Save You
3. Mend - Watergate - Piston
4. Ratcatcher - Somehow - Peach
5. Dorsia - Ghana (Jay Shepheard Remix) - Loft
6. Arthur Oskan - Back In Black - Thoughtless
7. Joe Bellingham - Our Reflection Blues (Smash TV Remix) - Shameless
8. Holloys - Awesome (Sebastian Russell Remix) - Adjunct
9. Lorca - Forgive Me Love - Naked Naked
10. Trus'me - Moonlight Kiss (Skudge Remix) - Prime Numbers
11. Acharné - Ghostling - Seppüku
12. Jack Dixon - Heirloom (Skudge Remix) - White Asega
13. Noah Pred - Questions feat. Deepchild (Lando Remix) - Thoughtless
14. Kenneth Scott - Yuki - Bad Animal
15. Signal Deluxe - Zero Seven (Reverse Commuter's Not Left Undone Remix) - Thoughtless.
16. Neal White - Zeitraffer - Rootknox.
17 Noah Pred - All Alone feat. Rosina (Nico Stojan Remix) - Thoughtless