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Polish-born artist switches up from last month's accomplished debut album

We were first turned onto The Phantom, aka Bartosz Kruczynski, by the spacey syncopated tump of 'Ockhams Razor' on Pets Recordings back in 2011 and he's not stopped furnishing us with belters since. Last year's 'Piano Moods' EP delivered not only the stunning lead cut 'When I Found Out', but also the sublime and soaring 'Vogue (Dub Mix)'.

Last month welcomed his debut album, straight-forwardly called 'The Phantom LP 1' (out on Silverback Recordings). Awash with yet more heart-tugging piano lines and synth washes, it revelled in deep, sometimes slow-mo, house, all breathed to life with considered and skilled musicality.

It's a sign of his versatilty then that this week's podcast changes tack completely. Shrugging of the gentle four fours, Bartosz instead takes us on tour through modern day club music and experimental electronics. As expertly realised as his LP, it's left us eagerly watching what the mysterious Phantom will do next.

1. The Art Of Noise - Opus 4 [Chrysalis]
2. Anthony "Shake" Shakir - Mr. Gone Is Back Again [Rush Hour]
3. Break SL - FM4 Life [Forthcoming Uncanny Valley]
4. Taraval - Doug's Prayer [Text]
5. Brian Eno - Signals [EG]
6. Dat Oven - Icy Lake (L-Vis Fire Alarm Mix) [Fade To Mind]
7. Cyphr - Gloss Finish [Her Records]
8. Jam City - Island [Night Slugs]
9. Rushmore - Model [Trax Couture]
10. Beek - Its Ovah (Dramatic Vogue Beat) [Qween Beat]
11. N'Bome - Meteor [Black Ocean]
12. Acre - Physically [Lost Codes]
13. Logos - No Heartbeat [Forthcoming Glacial Sound]
14. Ikonika - Tug Zone [Forthcoming Hyperdub]
15. Samename - Gishiki [Forthcoming Pelican Fly]
16. Strict Face - Fountains [Gobstopper]
17. Prins Thomas - Bobletekno (DJ Sotofett’s New Age Mix) [Full Pupp]
18. Vangelis Katsoulis - Imago [Into The Light]