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DJMag at Point Blank

Continued adventures in Ableton

Already up to week 7, Point Blank's online whistle-top tour through the finer points of Ableton continues to hurtle onward with DJmag joining them for the ride.

After working through Ableton's midi effects in week four, covering everything from reverb and redux to ping pong delay and the all-important art/science of compression (check the loudness wars for a fascinating over-view of why louder does sound better), week five saw us touch down in Ableton's all important arrangement view, the section that anyone who has used Ableton to create a DJ mix with is probably familiar with.

Week 6 ventured into the realms of key and midi mapping, and automation, showing how to make the most of the massive range of (often specifically designed for Ableton) midi controllers on the market.

And now, we're on to understanding Ableton's fine rack system. No sniggering at the back please.

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