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DJmag On TV

A special DJmag show will be broadcast on ITV2 in April. It features footage from DJmag's Top 100 party last year, interviews with DJs, and Ibiza footage.

Dance music doesn't get on TV much these days, so we're happy to report that a special DJmag show will be screened on ITV2 on 14 April 2006.

The show, hosted by top female spinner Anne Savage, features footage from our Top 100 DJs poll 2005, as well as footage from Ibiza's closing parties last year.

The bulk of the show features interviews with DJs that made it into the Top 100 poll, as well as industry players from Ibiza.

"I suppose you chose me, as opposed to some 6ft blonde, because I know all the DJs," jokes Anne about why she was chosen to host the show.

This proved to be more useful than she had otherwise thought, as some of the DJs were apparently, by Savage's own admittance, petrified.

"A few DJs were a little on edge about having to be interviewed for television, although I can't tell you specifically who," says Savage.

"It was exciting to be involved in something that has never been done before, and it's good for the industry to get on TV, and I'm happy that the DJs are getting wider recognition for their work."

The Ibiza footage was shot during the closing week of the Ibiza clubbing season last year, and features shots from DJmag's terrace at Space during its infamous closing party.

Catch DJmag on TV on 14 April at 11.50pm on ITV2.