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DJs take control

How Ticketscript can help you connect with your fans

Ticketscript confirmed its position as the European leader in online, mobile and social ticketing solutions last month when it was picked from over 2,500 entrants to win best 'industry software solution' category at the German Innovationspreis-IT award.

What exactly is Ticketscript? Well, working with more than 30,000 events across Europe they offer a plug-and-play online ticketshop which you can integrate into your website and your Facebook fan page making it easier than ever to promote events and make sure clubbers can quickly and simply buy a ticket and gain fast access to your event, while you monitor the process via their backend stats. Want another sign of how highly it's regarded? Then consider than Armin Van Buuren is one of their clients.

There's also the option to create your own mobile event app, customisable in real time, which you can use to sell tickets to fans, then get feedback including photos and videos.

We caught up with Chief Executive Frans Jonker to find out how Ticketscript can help up-and-coming DJs and promoters to take control.

The whole music industry is looking at new ways to survive in the digital age. Can you tell us what artist to fan or direct to fan ticketing is and what its advantages are over traditional ticketing?

“The whole music industry is changing with the digital age. Today any artist or label can distribute music (recordings and downloads), merchandise and tickets to their fans directly. We provide artists/labels with a ticketing platform to sell tickets to their fans directly through their Facebook fan pages and their own websites. They manage the process, the ticket allocations and promotion, all while increasing their fan loyalty. Artists can build a stronger connection with their fans through direct ticketing and they are continuous building a database of their fans, allowing them to communicate ongoing about upcoming gigs, new albums, etc. There is also the opportunity to have an exclusive pre-sale for fans before tickets go on sale to the general public. All of this activity builds the brand of the artist/label and increases the margin received – it's a win win situation.”

Say I'm a label who wants to set this up. How would I go about doing it? What would I need to do once it was all rolling?

“It's a very simple process, you can sign up for a free account through the ticketscript website, set up an event, integrate a ticketshop into your Facebook fan page and website and get tickets on sale straight away. Admission into the event is taken care of with a free entrance solution ranging from guest lists to wireless entrance systems.”

Can you give us some examples of dance music artists who work with you and how you've improved their relationship with fans?

“We work with AKA AKA a German DJ and Producer duo who wanted to be able to control their own ticket sales. Their fans follow their website and Facebook fan page so they wanted to be able to offer tickets for their shows right there. They have 155,000 fans on Facebook and being able to offer a ticketshop within Facebook to those fans has huge potential for AKA AKA. Armin Van Buuren is another example. His fan page has over 4.1 million fans so offering these fans a sales channel for his gigs directly on his fan page is invaluable. Fans can stay up to date with upcoming events just by visiting the Facebook page of the artist and purchase tickets right there without having to search the internet for ticketing sites.”

What does the future hold?

“The focus is on full control and brand building for the artist/label. The power of social media as a promotion platform will increase as recommendations to attend gigs from friends through social networks drives ticket sales. Exclusive offers to fans such as presale offers will continue to increase fan subscribers and build the brand of artists/labels.

“Direct to fan ticketing is also not only limited to artists/labels, it also presents an opportunities for brands. We work with Hed Kandi, a music and lifestyle brand who have their own website and Facebook ticketshops. They hold various events throughout Europe and sell tickets directly to their customers. They control the whole ticketing process and promotion of their events and exclusively own the customer data captured through ticket sales. Building their brand, customer database and customer loyalty along the way.

“Mobile ticketing and event apps will also increase in popularity and offer a new way to promote upcoming events directly to fans smartphones. Tickets can be purchased directly within the app and fans can receive notifications when tickets go on sale – rewarding fans for their loyalty with early bird tickets. Building the brand of the artist, label or brand and putting them in control of their ticketing and promotion.”