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Kitsuné presents 'The Witch EP' by Dombrance.

The next release from French connoisseur's Kitsuné comes from mysterious and alternative electro-pop producer Dombrance, featuring vocal musings from Sourya.

Bordeaux born and bred Dombrance AKA Bertrand Lacombe has surprised many with his recent surge in popularity; all of which seem pretty 'hush hush'. What we do know is he's no rookie, an acquaintance to many in the Parisian scene, colleague to most, having collaborated creatively with fellow Frenchie's Charlélie Couture and DJ Chloé, to name only a few.

What about the EP due on the 11th March? 'The Witch (Original Mix)' is bewitching in style and fittingly titled, smoking with 'Black Magic' throughout. The collaborative efforts here displaying effortless Parisian electro chic, entangled with emotive flair.

Sourya's vocals are the cherry on top, rendolent of Depeche Mode and New Order - dark, hypnotic yet sentimental - while the overall effect is reminiscent of label buddies Two Door Cinema Club but with a darker, more sinister ulterior motive.

Remixes of 'The Witch' come as ecstatic electro (David Shaw & The Beat, Aswefall) and darker efforts (Enola Remix, The Access Remix).

Hear for yourself with the stream below...