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Exclusive 'Muzikism' re-rub

Over 20 years in, Rocky & Diesel aka X-Press 2 have seen more scenes emerge in their lifetime than Attenborough has seen species evolving.

Famed for a sound crafted out the acid house explosion, the ever enticing Balearics and the warehouse raves of Chicago, the X-Press 2 formula is quintessential house - pure and simple.

Over the last two decades, the pair produced game changing debut LP 'Muzikizum' in 2001 using keys, synths and sounds picked from all over the globe in a way house music had never seen before. The LP also included tracks 'Muzikizum (Parts One & Two)', held up even today as slices of innovation that helped shape house history.

Now over a decade since its initial release 'Muzikizum' has been brought back for round three with the help of Ben Gomori developing the remix of this icon in 'Muzikizum (Ben Gomori's Part 3)'.

With deeper bass and bigger bounce, this timeless classic has been revitalised, souped up ready for today's rave-literate generation...