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Iconic house label closed last month.

As we told you last month, Ben Watt's label Buzzin' Fly will no longer be signing new artists or releasing any new material. The label, which launched in 2001, will exist as an archive-only imprint, while the first in a series of deluxe digital anthologies will come out on 22nd April.

A statement on the Buzzin' Fly website read as follows: “It is with a bit of sadness and a lot of pride that Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly Records — in this, its 10th anniversary year — announces the closing of a significant door. As of now, the label will be scaling back its operations to become an 'archive label' only, with no new plans to sign new artists or release new work.

As a small legacy of a great amount of love and effort, its back catalogue of underground club productions — starting with Watt's own 'Lone Cat' in 2003 and ending with Alex Blaxx's 'Evening News' in 2012 — will be kept available, and a clutch of new comprehensive deluxe digital anthologies will be released later in the year, starting on April 22nd with 'Buzzin' Fly Anthology, Vol 1, 2003-2004'.”

Ben Watt, Buzzin' Fly's headman — famed as one half of '80s/'90s electronic/indie-pop act Everything But The Girl, said: “I loved every minute but all good things come to an end. It simply feels like the right moment. Buzzin' Fly was born out of my commitment to the culture of DJing and helping young artists, but these days I am edging away from it towards other challenges — a new book I'm writing, research for another one, and a long-planned solo music project.”

Free download of 'Lone Cat' by Ben Watt, the label's first ever release back in April 2003 can be grabbed here for a limited time