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EBM: 15 contemporary tracks picked by the DJs that play them

EBM is back, and in a big way. Below, the artists peddling the industrial dancefloor clatter on more discerning dancefloors choose their favourite tracks that have led to electronic body music’s booming resurgence...

EBM has been simmering on the underground in recent years, but is now back in full force as DJ and producers look to the roots of techno for inspiration in how to push it forward.

For our recent investigation on the unstoppable force of EBM, we spoke to key figures central to the modern EBM sound, including Helena Hauff, Bon Harris of seminal band Nitzer Ebb, Phase Fatale, Alessandro Adriani, Elena Colombi, Thomas P. Heckmann, Interstellar Funk, Job Sifre, David Vunk and Discodromo.

Below, these artists choose their favourite contemporary EBM tracks that have lead to the sound’s booming resurgence. Some had to choose more than one, explaining it’s simply impossible to pick a single favourite contemporary EBM track.

Helena Hauff picks...

Zarkoff x Cyborgs On Crack
'Penalty For Violation'
Return to Disorder

“The ultimate modern EBM track.”

Phase Fatale picks...

Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

“He’s one of the few new acts pushing the boundaries of EBM and techno and carries his own signature sound.”

'Im Wasser'

“A contemporary act that continue to add to this genre and also employ true vocals and live performance with extreme style.”

AMOK Tapes

“Another Berlin DJ and producer who’s responsible for the current rise of EBM in techno.”

Adam X
'Shape Takes Form'

“A landmark song from 10 years ago that was already combining these elements from an artist who is still constantly innovating. All of these artists do not rely on nostalgia or common tropes, but they find a way to alchemize disparate sounds into something entirely new and continue to move forward instead of looking back.”

Elena Colombi picks...

Michael O'Neill
'Cheetham Hill Speed Scene'
Tesla Tapes

“I’m a sucker at picking one of anything!”

Charles Manier

'Falska Gudar'
Kess Kill

Job Sifre picks...

Alessandro Adriani
Jealous God

“A really driving EBM banger.”

'Direct Contact'

“Just wow.”

Florence Foster Fan Club
'This Game (Sumerian Fleet remix)'
Wave Records

“The vocals on this one are really spot on, and the bassline is killer.”

Discodromo picks...

'Kino i (Dub)'

“An oversaturated dancefloor monster!”

Alessandro Adriani picks...

'Disconnect Myself'
Mannequin Records

“Mannequin released this in 2011 but I’ve not chosen it because it’s on my label. I picked up on them in 2011 because they are amazing. They split after the record this was on, so not many people remember them nowadays, but they’re still my favourite of the new EBM bands.”

David Vunk picks...

Sumerian Fleet
'On To You'
Dark Entries

“This is an example of really modern EBM. The darkness, the vibe, the groove and the vocals. It has it all for me.”

Interstellar Funk picks...

Charles Manier
'Sift Through Art Collecting People'

“He’s a guy from the US and has released three albums, including the best EBM release of last year for me. This is my favourite track from it.”

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Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.