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Ed Solo Can't live without...

His TLA EQ-1 Dual Valve Equaliser

"The first time I used the EQ-1 was back in 1996 when I made the tune 'Represent' with Brockie at his studio in Ilford. He'd just bought one for half price, DJ Ron bought two at the same place – lucky boy! The way I use it is more like a distortion than as an EQ. The signal gets bussed from the mixer, and I crank up the TLA input gain to maximum. Then all I have to do is turn up the buss channel till I get the right amount of overdrive into the sound. I switch between the clean sound and back again to make sure it doesn't turn to sludge. The TLA sound is all over the new album 'Random Acts of Kindness' which I wrote with Skool of Thought and features MC Darrison. I use it for kicks, snares, bass, but never on whole mix."