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Electric Boogaloo

Free Recycling Party at Punk - 10th Nov

Is your bedroom filling up with the cast-offs of capitalist consumption? Still got every mobile you’re ever owned since you were 16 in your bedroom drawer? Wondering how you could you have been so wrong every time you look at your pristine mini-disc stereo system? Then the European Recycling Platform (ERP) can help you turn all manner of circuitry clutter into an (ahem) electrifying night out.

Bring it along to Punk, in Soho, London, on 10th November and you’ll get free entry to hear DJs Rob Da Bank, aka the Bestival head honcho, and Numbers’ boss, Jackmaster (of all trades). Not only that but there’s a special guest from the ‘vibrant folktronica scene’ on stage at 9.15pm followed by Man-a-man-a-man-a-Man Like Me at 11pm.

Thus far, ERP has recycled 1 million tonnes of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) across Europe, which is equal to the removal of 3.5 million cars from the road for 1 year. A quarter of a million tonnes of WEEE was collected from the UK alone. This can be recycled into things like toothbrushes, toys and CDJ2000s (OK, we're not entirely sure about the last one).