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Elektron update their distortion unit Analog Heat

Mark II of the popular hardware adds a larger screen and backlit buttons…

Elektron have updated their Analog Heat 'sound enhancer' less than 2 years after the original unit was released. Mark II has increased the size of the OLED screen, added backlights to the buttons and made the encoders more precise.

The inards of the unit have largely remained the same, with eight effects mostly centered around distortion types, filter, LFO and other modulation sources and 128 user slots to save your own presets. 

With an 100% analogue signal path, the Analog Heat is built to add extra weight, grit and thickness to your sounds, or can be used to completely destroy audio. Either way it's full of the usual Elektron quality and will set you back £750. Sticking to the smaller size, Elektron also recently introduced the Digitone – an imrpessive FM synth at an entry-level price